about me

Born in 1980 in the rural Mosel area, I have been living in Bochum since 2002. Working as an actor for 13 years now, I am also as artistic director for my own improv group HaiLight since 2006. Additionally I also act in plays conducted by the theaterpädagogische Werkstatt in schools in NRW since 2008. Roles as a regular cast member at the Theater Freudenhaus (2013/14) and taking part in several off-theatre productions (e.g. by kainkollektiv and TAD) are further deepening my experience as actor/instructor. 

In 2008 I took up teaching on a professional base in the field of education and theatre, especially where these two fields come together and ever since I have been working for different clients developing and conducting various projects. 

Here is a small selection: 


Caritas Herne - theaterproject "Heimspiel Herne" 

AWO Essen - theater with elementary schoolkids 

SKF Essen Mitte - theaterpädagogische Lernförderung 

BOSKOP - workshops for students of Ruhr-Universität 

interTWINed - instructor at european youth drama festival 

Herner Netzwerk - performance about homelessness 

Bildungswerk der humanistischen Union - theaterworkshop with teens about political education 

Ruhr-Uni-Bochum - simulated conversations with students from different courses of studies 

Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft - educational trainer for socially disadvantaged elementary students 


In 2013 I succesfully completed my training asTheaterpädagoge (BuT) at the TPZ Essen.