I love acting. It is so much more real than life. Oscar Wilde

Theatre, being a fundamental cultural technic, has a value in itself. The entire process from memorizing text to rehearsing and reaching the point of a successful premiere can be a worthy and formative experience. For this to succeed, it needs a professional and experienced guide, who recognizes the potential and limits of the group and the individual and considers these during the project. Such guidance, moderation and goal-setting will eventually lead to a memorable and enriching theatrical experience for all participants.

Whether a one day workshop in improvisational theatre, regular weekly rehearsals for a play or multi-day intensive training on a particular aspect in acting (for example, stage combat, movement or speech ), depending on the group and objective, I will develop a concept that suits the set goals!

For several years now I have been working very succesfully in this field for the following groups and institutions:


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